Regulating Codes, Rules, and Ordinances

The Building and Housing Department regulates and carries out the provisions of the MN State Building Code and City Ordinances relating to construction, property maintenance and zoning. 

Current codes may apply to all new construction, moving additions, expansions and/or replacement of nonconforming structures.

Minnesota Building Code - Minimum standards for building construction. Inspections performed by the city of HIbbing Building Inspectors.

Building Code Information (PDF)

  • NEW: Illustrated Field Guide to the Minnesota Residential Code
  • Minnesota Accessibility Code
  • Minnesota Provisions to the State Building Code
  • Minnesota Building Code
  • Minnesota Residential Code
  • Minnesota Energy Code
  • Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code
  • Minnesota Plumbing Code
  • Minnesota Conservation Code for Existing Buildings
  • Minnesota Fire Code
  • Minnesota Electrical Code
  • Minnesota Building Code Administration
  • Minnesota Elevator and Related Devices Code
  • Minnesota Solar Energy Systems
  • Minnesota Floodproofing Regulations
  • Minnesota Manufactured Home Code
  • Minnesota Prefabricated Structure Code
  • Minnesota Industrialized/Modular Building Code
  • Minnesota Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks)
  • Minnesota High Pressure Piping Code
  • Understanding Amendments to the 2020 Minnesota State Building Code
  • Codes overview: Guide to the State Building Code