Planning & Economic Development

Comprehensive Plan

The Hibbing Comprehensive Plan (PDF) outlines basic guiding principles that have been embraced by the City of Hibbing to shape its future.

This plan has been developed through a process of public input and information analysis. In addition, the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission has been gathering data and providing mapping information for the City of Hibbing.

This Comprehensive Plan for the City of Hibbing is a companion statement to the Central Iron Range Initiative which seeks to create a common view for the future. Hibbing's plan applies the principles of the Regional Plan to the specific issues and conditions of the City of Hibbing.

The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Hibbing is available in a paper copy and a CD-Rom for reference at the Hibbing Public Library and in the Economic Development Suite in City Hall. Please note that the paper copy includes many blank pages that have been removed from the online version.

For more information about the plan, please email or call 218-312-1600.

Housing Needs Assessment

The Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment for Hibbing, Minnesota was conducted by Maxfield Research Inc.

The Study projects housing demand and gives recommendations on the amount and type of housing that could be built in Hibbing to satisfy demand from current and future residents.

Housing Market Analyses and Demand Estimates - July 2010 (PDF)

Community Profile

Community Profiles give users detailed information on a community's economic development, demographics, workforce, employers, utilities, transportation, education, unit of government, churches, and its business and community services.