Bob Dylan Collection

Bob Dylan MannequinBob Dylan Sculpture

During the 2007 Mines and Pines Festival an unveiling of the life-size papier-mâché sculpture of Bob Dylan took place. The sculpture, created by Ann Schnortz, is now on display in the Hibbing Public Library.

Bring your camera and have your photo taken with this guitar and harmonica playing statue of everyone's favorite musician and song writer.

History of the Collection

  1. In May of 1991 the Hibbing Public Library started the Bob Dylan Collection. A number of items have been purchases or donated by interested individuals over the years and are included in the displays.
  2. In September 1993, Linda Knudsen, a Dylan enthusiast, donated a display that started with a copy of Robert Allen Zimmerman's birth certificate through his work in the early 1990's. This became the original "Dylan Display" at the library.
  3. In the summer of 2000, the library acquired the majority of the Dylan Collection owned by John Bushey.
  4. On April 16, 2001, the library held an evening talk with Michael Gray on Bob Dylan's work. The event drew a large cross-section of the community; including old friends of Dylan's mother, classmates, Dylan's Hibbing High School English teacher Mr. B.J. Rolfzen and a couple of musicians Dylan had played with before he moved to Minneapolis-St.Paul. Mr. Gray stressed that contrary to a commonly-held belief, Dylan had written beautifully about Minnesota in general and Hibbing and the Mesabi Iron Range in particular.
  5. The week of May 20-24, 2002, was proclaimed Bob Dylan week in the City of Hibbing. This has become an annual tradition with a variety of events, including a trivia, poetry/short story, musical (original music and Dylan classics), and children's art contests and many other events around town.
  6. In the Spring of 2012, the Dylan display was redesigned and updated to include the more recent work by Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan Mannequin 2New items continue to be added to this collection as often as possible through both purchase and donations.

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