Can I donate books to the library?


The following are of particular interest to the library:

  1. Gifts of printed or manuscript materials on the history of the community and the region.    
  2. Hardcover books that are current or classic adult novels or popular non-fiction titles published in the last two years.    
  3. Children's books.      
  4. Paperback books published within the last five years.    

All books should be in good condition. We will not accept books with torn pages or covers that have notes or highlighting on the pages. We will not accept books that are damaged or mildewed.


The library will NOT accept the following:

  1. Textbooks either in hardcover or paperback.    
  2. Reader's Digest Condensed Books.
  3. Old magazines, especially common titles such as Reader's Digest and National Geographic.    

Please limit your donations to approximately one grocery bag worth of books at time unless prearranged with library staff.

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