Rules & Regulations

  1. Artificial flowers, shrubbery or other designs are not permitted on cemetery lots from April 1 through October 1.
  2. Only shrubbery of the Pyramidal Arborvitae variety shall be permitted, subject to the approval of the Cemetery Sexton.
  3. No shrubbery shall be allowed in the Veterans' section or on single graves or infant graves.
  4. Only one flower basket and/or one plant hanger shall be allowed per family lot. No decoration from plant hanger may exceed twenty-four (24") inches in length. Family lots consisting of six graves or more may have more than one flower basket by permission of Cemetery Sexton.
  5. Flower basket(s) not to exceed 24" in length or 10" in width.
  6. All flower baskets to be removed from City Cemeteries no later than October 1st. All winter decorations must be placed directly in front of monument.
  7. All borders around flower beds or shrubbery must be set at ground level. Flower beds not to exceed more than ten (10") inches from monument and no longer than monument.
  8. Any decorations or objects anchored to ground must be placed next to monument.
  9. Only one headstone per family lot. Base of headstone not to exceed five (5') feet in length or fourteen (14") inches in width. Overall height, base included, not to exceed forty-eight (48") inches in height.
  10. All family decorations at family's own risk.
  11. Memorial allowed on a single grave only by permissions of Sexton. Base not to exceed two (2') feet ten (10") inches in length and fourteen (14") inches in width or thirty (30") inches overall height, base included.
  12. Only flat granite markers allowed on infant graves.
  13. All foot markers to be set at grass level to preclude equipment damage.
  14. The City of Hibbing will not be responsible for any damage to any existing trees, shrubbery, flower beds, flower basket(s), vigil lamps or urns that interfere with digging or mowing operations.
  15. All burials in the City owned cemeteries must use the minimum of a concrete grave box for use as an outside container.
  16. No interment or removal shall be permitted on any Sunday or any legal holiday except in case of death attributed to contagious disease.
  17. It shall be the duty of the Sexton to enter upon any lot or grave to prohibit, modify or remove and dispose of any structure or object which may have been placed there in violation of any of the rules and regulations submitted, or which may be considered in his judgment to be unsightly, dangerous, or objectionable or interferes with the cemetery operations.
  18. The City Council reserves the right to change these rules or to make such other rules as they deem necessary for the operation of the cemetery. No notice of such intended changes shall be required.