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Hiring and Application Information

The Hibbing Fire Department is a "combination" fire department which consists of,

  1. Firefighter/Paramedic
  2. Firefighter/EMT
  3. Paid on call Firefighters. 

The City of Hibbing accepts applications on a continuous basis in order to maintain an eligibility list for vacant positions. City staff will contact you with additional information if and when employment opportunities become available.

The hiring & interviewing process is carried out by our Hibbing Fire Civil Service Commission, Human Resources, the Fire Chief and Battalion Chiefs.

Career Staff

The career staff are dual-role FF/Paramedic or EMTs and operate out of Station #1 (Headquarters). 

Career staff is on duty an average of 10 days a month, 107 days out of the 365 day year including weekends and holidays. Three shifts (eight firefighter/paramedics each) are assigned to 24 hour shifts.

See the Become Career Staff page for more information...

Paid on Call Staff

POC members are considered part-time employees and are paid per hour of fire response, training and standby. They receive a pension based on the number of years that they serve in the Department.    

See the Become Paid on Call Staff page for more information...

Minnesota has the second-highest rate of Paid Per Call (volunteers) in our country. We are well-trained and admired by our communities. There is a risk, however, that Minnesota fire departments dissolve as fewer and fewer people step up to become firefighters.

Now is the time for YOU to make history and join your local fire department, so the story continues. If we lack volunteers, the fire department doors will close.


Is Firefighting for you?

The fire service has evolved into a professional organization requiring quality staff who are highly committed to their duties. The firefighter has become the Swiss Army knife of the community, responding to not only fires but medicals, terrorism, explosions, entrapments, mass casualty incidents, wildfires, and much more.

Here are some of the most common fire department requirements to become a firefighter  

  • Must be at least 18 years of age. Most do not have a maximum age.  
  • Must live within a certain drive time to the fire station. The idea is to get people to the scene quickly.
  • Must be able to read and write in English.   
  • Must be able to pass a physical health screening and be in good health. This job can be physical!
  • Must have a satisfactory criminal history. Some convictions can kick you out of the process.  
  • Must have a valid driver's license. MN exempts you from needing a class A or B. We train you!
  • Must be able to work in all weather conditions and for long periods of time.  
  • Must be able to work in a team environment. We never work alone.  
  • Must be able to maintain confidential information. We know A LOT about our community.  
  • Be willing to participate positively. We need people committed to serving, not creating problems.