Apply for a Permit

Instructions for filling out City of Hibbing Building/Mechanical/Sewer/Zoning Permit Applications

  1. Carefully read through the application and site plan forms and instructions.
  2. Fill in each blank and check appropriate boxes applicable to your project. If the blank is not applicable for your project fill in "n/a" for not applicable.
  3. If the project is new and/or an addition, a site plan is required (see site plan form for instructions).
  4. Applicant must provide full legal description and parcel code numbers for the property the project is situated on (a copy of the property tax statement may be attached if there is not enough room on the application).
  5. Fill in the name, address and State License Number of the Contractor for any residential project.
  6. Application and site plan forms must be signed and dated.
  7.  A complete set of final construction plans must be filed with the application. If there are any questions, check with the official before returning the application.
  8. Hook-ups and/or Tap-ins to Public Utilities and Onsite Sewer Owner/Applicant must have approval (signature or initials) from the applicable authority prior to filing your application with the Building & Housing/Planning & Zoning Department.

*Incomplete applications may be rejected or returned for completion.

PDF Fillable Permit Applications