Applications & Selection Policy

The City Council of the City of Hibbing is always seeking dedicated and interested residents of Hibbing to serve on City Boards / Commissions.

We need your commitment and ideas to help advise the elected and appointed officials on matters which promote and maintain the continued healthy growth of the community.

A Boards and Commissions Application (PDF) can be printed out and returned to:

City Clerks Office
Candie Seppala
401 East 21st Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Current Board Vacancies (PDF)

Selection Policy

All Board/Commission applications should be submitted on or before a specific deadline date set by the City Council. Names should be announced at a City Council Workshop meeting. 

Round One

  • All councilors get one nomination or a 2nd. If their candidate does not receive a 2nd they can nominate or 2nd another candidate. The City Clerk will keep track of votes.
    • If there were no candidates that receive a second, the City Council would open meeting for discussion to see if someone would reconsider and second a nomination. If this process breaks down, the City Council would then re-advertise for more candidates or conduct more interviews of existing candidates. (Council action required)
  • Call three times to close out nominations in the first round.
  • If there was only one nomination with a 2nd, the result would be an automatic motion to approve the selection. If motion fails, the City Council would open the advertisement for more candidates.
  • In this round there could be two candidates with a 2nd or possibly three candidates with a second. They would all move into round two.

Note: To advance to round two a candidate needs a second.

Round Two

  • If only two candidates would be left, a VOICE Vote would be taken and a majority of the City Council vote would win. Candidates would be voted on randomly (in hat).
  • If more than two candidates, a VOICE VOTE would be taken. Most votes win if four or more. If no one receives a majority of the votes (four), the two candidates with the highest vote totals will move forward to another vote. Councilors would get one vote. Candidates would be voted on at random. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes would win the selection.

Round Three: Two or More Candidates

  • If a vote were 3-2-2, the City Council would vote on the candidates with the 2-2 split. Council would then continue with the vote on the two candidates with three votes.


  • The City Council would advertise for new candidates.