Gambling Commission


Meetings are held in the City Administrator’s Office at the discretion of the Chairman. A schedule of current meetings can be received from the Council Secretary at 362-5930.


The Gambling Commission consists of the City Administrator, three members of the community (appointed by the City Council), and one representative of a charitable gambling license-holder (nominated by the license-holders and appointed by the Council). Board Members must be residents of the City of Hibbing.


The purpose of the Gambling Commission is to prepare and recommend changes in procedure and practice governing charitable gambling in the City, and to make recommendations with regard to possible changes in City Code provisions governing charitable gambling in the City.

All boards and commissions are governed by Chapter 2 Section 15 of the City Ordinances. In addition, the Gambling Commission is also governed by Chapter 2 Section 22 of the City Ordinances.

Gambling Permits

The Commission is requesting that all Gambling Permit Applications be first filed with the Commission. To insure timely review and consideration, applications should be sent to the Commission no later than the Friday immediately preceding the second Tuesday of each month.