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Information on this form will assist us in providing the records you are requesting. You need to provide sufficient information to specifically identify records, such as case number, incident location, and/or the date of occurrence, otherwise we may not be able to locate the records. 

Under Minnesota law, some information not subject to release may be removed or redacted. MN State Statute determines what information can be released publicly. 

Public Data Statute

Investigation Data Statute

Data request form

  1. Fire Department Reports are $10/copy unless you are an involved person or the insurance company of the involved person(s). You can submit payment below via credit card or by check/money order.
  2. The date can be a month and year if you do not know the exact day.

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  5. Please make check/money order payable to the "CITY OF HIBBING" and mail or deliver payment to: 2320 Brooklyn Drive, Hibbing, MN 55746
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