Library Policies

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Borrowers' Cards

All permanent residents of Hibbing are eligible for a free borrower's card.

Bulletin Board Postings

The bulletin board is for posters or notices of local interest and for announcements by local groups of civic, educational, or recreational activities.

Exhibits & Displays

Library exhibits serve to make the public aware of the informational, educational and cultural resources of the community.

Gifts & Bequests

The Library has long been favored by public-spirited citizens as a beneficiary of gifts because it is a democratic, educational institution carrying on from generation to generation a great, free, humanitarian service to young and old, sick and well, rich and poor of every race, creed, and station of life.

Group Visits

Hibbing Public Library welcomes group visits to the library and hopes that the experience is educational and enjoyable to the participants.

Internet Use

The Internet is viewed as a resource to be used in the fulfillment of the Library’s mission “to serve all residents of Hibbing, Minnesota by providing materials, information, and services for their personal, recreational, educational, and professional needs.”

Library Decorations

It is the belief of the library administration and staff that decorating the library attractively brings people into the library.

Loan Periods & Fines

Know the borrowing periods and fines for various types of media at the library.

Materials Selection Policy

So that a well-defined policy may guide and direct the staff of the Hibbing Public Library in selecting and purchasing materials for the library's users, the Board of Trustees enunciates the Materials Selection Policy.

Paging Public for Telephone Calls

In order to maintain a reasonably quiet library, protect minors using the library, and to comply with Minnesota Statute Data Practices Act, Library staff is unable to accept requests to page patrons in the building.

Photography & Filming Policy

Use of photographic equipment by individuals or organizations not affiliated with the City of Hibbing or the Hibbing Public Library is not permitted without permission of the Library Director.

Rules of Conduct

Every individual has the right to use the Hibbing Public Library undisturbed.

Unattended Children in the Library

Hibbing Public Library cannot assume responsibility for children left unattended in the library.

Volunteer Policy & Application

The participants in the Hibbing Public Library's Volunteer Services Program contribute effort and other assets to provide quality library collections, services and programs.