Park Rules & Regulations


1. Reservations must be made through the City Services Department to assure availability of the shelter of your choice. Shelters are available for reservations from May 1st through September 30th. Reservations are taken after January 15th for that year only. 

2. Shelter reservations guarantee the renter has the sheltered/roofed area available for use for their event. The water, bathrooms, play equipment and all green space in the park is open to the public and exclusive use is not included in the shelter reservation nor is use of these areas excluded from the public unless an EXCLUSIVE PARK USE PERMIT has been authorized. Restrooms are stocked with toilet paper. Paper towels are not provided. Please bring your own. 

3. All athletic facilities in parks may be reserved for a fee. Outdoor bocci courts, horseshoe courts are available on a first come/first serve basis except for City/Club organized league play and tournament play. 

4. The individual whose name appears on the shelter/facility reservation is responsible for any and all damage to facilities for that event and is also responsible for the group’s conduct while using the facilities. 

5. Most of the City’s parks are located in residential areas. Please keep noise to a minimum. City of Hibbing restricts the use of sound amplification within the city limits. Sound amplification permits are issued by City Hall. Park department policy limits amplified sound in most city parks to 2 hours or less duration. Sound amplification for events lasting more than 2 hours is permitted with written permission from the City Services Director.

6. Overnight camping is not allowed in city parks. Open recreation fires are not allowed in city parks. Most parks do not have grills. Bring your own. 

7. Parking and delivery is restricted to designated parking lots only. THERE IS TO BE NO DRIVING OF VEHICLES ON SIDEWALKS, BIKEWAYS, OR ON PARK AREAS. Vehicles illegally parked will be towed away at the owner’s expense. 

8. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are prohibited in City parks. City Ordinance # 5.05 Subd 1. states: “Consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages on streets, public property, and private parking lot to which the public has access.” 

9. A Park Concessionaire Permit is required for the sale of merchandise, food, or beverages in city parks unless the sale of merchandise is specifically for the event for which the area has been rented. 

10. REFUND POLICY: Refunds will be given for cancellations received at least (14) days before the reservation date. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR WEATHER CONDITIONS! A written request must be made to receive a refund. A $30.00 handling fee will be charged for refund processing. 

11. Shelter renter shall save and hold harmless the City of Hibbing, its officers, agents, employees, and members, from all claims, suits, or actions of whatsoever nature resulting from or arising out of the renting of park shelters. 

12. It is suggested that the renter place their reservation card at the shelter several hours before the event begins so as to alert other park users of your arrival. 

13. Persons leasing the park shelters are required to remove all decorations and signs that are used in decorating the shelter. This request includes the removal of directional signs leading users to the shelter. 

14. Shelters and other venues have specific capacities. Reservations/requests may be denied for specific locations depending on the anticipated attendance. 

15. Events with more than 150 persons shall be required to provide additional restroom and trash facilities and obtain a special event permit.

16. Park Hours are from dawn to dusk. Please vacate the property before 10:00pm during summer evenings.

17. Bounce House may be used in City parks through an approved city vendor. Please see City Hall for Bounce House permit.

18. No person shall cut, break, move, take or otherwise injure, destroy or deface any trees, shrubs, plants, turf, rock or any building, fence, bridge, sign or other structure; of foul any stream, or dump any earth rubbish or other substance or material in or upon any park without written permission of the Hibbing City Services Department.

19. No person shall make or kindle any open fire except in fireplaces and grills provided for this purpose or in private portable grills. Grills provided for public use shall be on a first come, first served basis.

20. No person shall, in any park, set a trap or snare, or shoot, injure, annoy, disturb, poison any wild animal or bird, or injure or destroy any nest.

21. Horse, cattle, livestock, and domestic animals of any kind are prohibited in any park, except a dog or cat on a leash, under control of a person, is permitted. Horseback riding is prohibited except on facilities expressly designated for that purpose.

22. Practicing, playing or using park areas for golf and archery is prohibited, except on facilities expressly designated or provided for such purposes.

23. The operation of snowmobiles, atv’s, utv’s, and dirt bikes are prohibited on park property or any other public property without express written consent from the City of Hibbing. This includes but not limited to: golf course, athletic fields, recreational areas, and trails.