There is a lot to know about constructing a deck to comply with Minnesota’s building code, how to apply for and obtain a permit, and how inspections are handled. We have a Residential Decks packet here Deck Construction Sheet that includes all of the information you need as well as the application materials for building a deck.

Much of the information is also provided on this web page, but you will need to refer to the packet for a complete understanding of what we need from you and how to design the deck to comply with the code.

You will submit a permit application and plans to Building Safety & Construction Services. Allow at least 3 days for review of the plans. So, if you and your crew plan to build your deck on a weekend, it’s a good idea to plan ahead, find out setback and other requirements early, and submit your plans a week or two in advance.

The cost of the permit will be based on the size of the deck. You can estimate your cost by viewing the standard valuation fee schedule. The actual fee will be determined at the time your application is reviewed.

Residential Decks 

  • Decks under 30 inches (from ground) = $20.00 Zoning Permit
  • Decks over 30 inches (from ground) = $35.00 Building Permit

Permit Fees

Residential Building Permit Fees do not include Plan Review Fees which are computed on a separate fee schedule, State Surcharges Fees or the Zoning Permit Fee of $20.