Residential Garages

This page provides basic information for one story light-wood-framed detached residential garage construction.  It does not address pole buildings, multi-story buildings, buildings with interior partitions, buildings with basements or buildings constructed for uses other than a private garage. Our Residential Garage fact sheet includes even more information and the forms needed to apply for residential garage permit. We encourage you to stop into the office in the planning phase of your garage project so we can look at GIS mapping of your property and talk about setback and other requirements.

  1. What needs to be submitted with a permit application?

Use the forms in the Residential Garage Packet or fill out an online application from the Building Department. All plans must be drawn to scale in black or blue ink with the scale noted on the plans. Do not use pencil (it does not photocopy well). Clearly designate proposed work and existing conditions. Provide complete structural information.