Fences, Walls and Other Similar Improvements

Fences and wall improvements on private properties in the R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, and S-R Residence Districts, Planned Development (PD) Districts, C-1 and C-3 Commercial Districts, and I-1 Light Industry District as found in the Urban Area boundary of the City of Hibbing are regulated under City Code of Ordinances *Sec. 11.03, General Provisions in Subd. 17.  Said improvements shall also include but not necessarily be limited to hedges and shrubs.  This information is a general overview of these regulations and is intended to assist with the construction or installation and placement of any such improvement as regulated and noted above.  *See said Sec. 11.03, Subd. 17 for all applicable regulations concerning above noted improvements. 

A Zoning Permit application shall be required for any fence or wall six (6) feet or less in height in above noted zoning districts.  Per State Building Code a Building Permit application shall be required for and fence or wall greater than six (6) feet in height in said Residence Districts and PD Districts [NOTE: such fence or wall greater than six (6) feet in height shall comply with minimum building setback regulations from property lines that are applicable in said districts].

For More Information

See Zoning Regulations (insert ordinance document or link here).

Building Safety & Construction Services is responsible for both Building and Zoning Permits.