Contractor Licensing

The state of Minnesota has adopted contractor licensing requirements administered by the Department of Labor and Industry (MN DLI) to ensure that buildings are safe and healthy for those who occupy them, and that workers who construct them are qualified to perform the work.

Anyone contracting to work on one-family or two-family dwellings and townhouses must be a licensed contractor. Additionally, electrical and plumbing work must be performed by licensed contractors.

View general MN Dept Labor licensing information here

Make sure the Contractor that you hired is licensed through the MN Dept of Labor before your project begins.

Contractor License Lookup Tool

Have you suffered a direct and out-of-pocket loss due to the work of a contractor?

The Contractor Recovery Fund was created by the legislature in 1994 to compensate certain owners or lessees of residential property who have suffered a direct and out-of-pocket loss due to fraudulent, deceptive, or dishonest practices, conversion of funds or failure of performance that arose out of a contract directly between the licensee and the homeowner.

You can learn more information by reading the Contractor Recovery Fund Fact Sheet