Waste Water Treatment

Sewer Rates & Billing

This rate applies to all users connected to the publicly owned sanitary sewer system. Single family, multiple families, commercial, industrial, schools, churches, and public buildings are all treated equally.

The sewer user rates are based on the water meter readings for the month for each user according to the following schedule.

  • Base Charge - $16.67
  • Commodity Charge - $6.25 per 1,000 gallons
  • Fixed Sewage Rate - $35.42 (3 Units of sewer @ $6.25 plus one base charge @ $16.67) 
    • Base Charge: The base monthly charge is $16.65. 
    • Delayed Payment Charge: 5% of the above computed billing or base charge if not paid by due date on bill or within fifteen (15) days from rendition of bill.

Request an Adjustment

Call the City Clerk's Office at 218-262-3486, ext. 713 to request an adjustment.

Terms & Conditions

All sewer user charges of the City of Hibbing are rendered under and subject to the sewer use ordinance of the City of Hibbing.

Stormwater Charge

  • $3.23 - Urban Residential
  • $1.21- Rural Residential
  • $3.23 - Urban Non-Residential (eq. 3000 square feet of impervious area)
  • $1.21- Rural Non-Residential (eq. 3000 square feet of impervious area)

Sewage Treatment

The south waste water treatment plant has a three stage trickling filter system. It has two mechanical bar screens, one grit removal system, four primary clarifiers, four trickling filters, one chlorination/dechlorination tank, one gravity thickening unit, two anaerobic digesters, three equalization basins, one biosolids storage lagoon, and one duel media filter system. The plant is rated for 4.5 million gallons a day with and average of 2 million per day with storage ponds capable of approximately 47 million gallons.

Note: Please do not flush baby wipes.